January 5, 2013

I just purchased a number of pieces from the IKEA GALANT collection for my office to finally add some much needed storage space to the room. One of the reasons why I choose this particular collection from IKEA was they include a decent quality lock on all pieces that close. It's a simple 3 digit combination but keeps the hands of my toddler out of files, books and sharp objects.

I assembled a filing cabinet first and when I was done I followed the included instructions (PDF) to set my combination. The first time went smoothly but I when I tried to change the combination a second time, everything went wrong.

December 19, 2012

If you're anything like me, almost all desks aren't deep enough to be an effective workspace. My requirements are simple but make an off-the-self desk a poor solution:

  • Large workspace for:
  • Deep enough to provide a workspace while still keeping the keyboard/mouse accessible
  • Easily adjustable for uneven floors 
  • Good looking 

My perfect desk is simple and big which is actually pretty hard to buy. Instead I decided to make one to my own specifications which are 30"H x 34"D x64" L. I find it incredibly difficult to work on shallow desk so depth was everything for me. The width is excessive for my everyday needs but it fits well in my office and leaves room for any of my future needs. For the desk top I decided to use a butcher block counter top from IKEA and base made out of galvanized pipe. Not exactly a complex desk but easily customized to my needs and taste.

August 28, 2012

Building libnfc on Mountain Lion using Brew takes a few extra steps that aren't documented anywhere. It took me a while to get everything working but once it did, I libnfc worked without any problems.